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fotoLithuanian Film Studios in cooperation with Germany’s production company teamWorx, the European leader in mini-series production, just finished shooting a 3 part TV mini-series „Generations“ (original title: "Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter").

The production started shooting on the 14th of March 2011 and was wrapped on May the 14th in Lithuania and the 5th of August in Germany, after 84 days of shooting.

The mini-series was shot on a number of unique locations in Lithuania and Germany. „Generations“ is a dramatic WWII story of 5 young friends, separated by the war that changed their lives. The film is due to be released on German TV-channel ZDF in 2012.

Some of Germany’s famous young generation actors play the leading roles in this film (Tom Schilling, Volker Bruch, Katharina Schuttler, Miriam Stein, Ludwig Trepte). The screenwriter Stefan Kolditz worked on the screenplay for over 6 years before finishing his well researched work. Relatively young multinational cast and crew including historians and war experts led by the famous young German director Philipp Kadelbach, well known for his previously released „Hindenburg“, successfully worked on this ambitious project that aims to convey the authenticity of that time's shocking reality.

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