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The scheme is aimed at audiovisual productions: feature films, TV films, documentaries and animation. Some of the major guidelines are stated below.

– Producers can apply any time of the year.

– The production can receive up to 20% of the total budget that is intended to be spent in Lithuania. Out of

which at least 80% has to be spent in Lithuania while up to 20% can be spent in a different country.

– The 20% incentive can be received already at the production stage.

– In order to be able to use the scheme, the production has to meet two out of five cultural criteria. The

Commission of experts will assess the cultural content of the films on the basis of the script.

– In order to be able to use the scheme, the production has to spent in Lithuania the minimum amount of LTL

150.000 (EUR 43.443) and to have at least three days of shooting.

– The donation to the production has to be received from a Lithuanian entity that has a corporate tax liability.

– The scheme will be administrated by the Lithuanian Film Centre.

Please contact us for more information

Managing director Ramūnas Škikas This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it