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July the 26th was the last shooting day for "Wolfs Children", a German production directed by Rick Ostermann. Lithuanian Film Studios provided full production services for the film, that tells a story of children being on the run after losing their parents and home because of war and banishment. 

During the turmoil of the WWII these kids have become known as the so-called „Wolfs Children“ who desperately fought for survival in what was then East Prussia and in the Baltic regions. This project is dedicated to them.

“Wolfs Children” tells the story of a boy who, driven by the desire to find his lost brother, joins a group of children in order to escape the turmoil of post-war anarchy and together they seek refuge in the enchanted forests of Lithuania. The film was for this reason shot entirely in Lithuania.

The director Rick Ostermann who is also the screenplay author chose Leah Striker as the director of photography for his debut film (both in the photo on the left). 

The film was shot in 25 days in a few regions of the country including Silute, which fitted greatly nature wise as well as architecturally for shooting East Prussian scenes. The main cast came from Germany, but roles of partisans, farmers, soldiers were given to Lithuanian actors.

The expected date of release is February 2013.