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Tax incentive for audiovisual productions in Lithuania comes into force as per 1st January 2014

Lithuania introduces a tax rebate mechanism as per January 1st 2014 that aims to stimulate local film production activities.



"Wolfs children" worldwide premiere in Venice

Zum Goldenen Lamm production "Wolfs children" that was shot in Lithuania in summer 2012 was chosen to be premiered in Orizzonti section of the 70th Venice International Film Festival on the 29th of August.


"ChCroniclesronicle Beyond the Border" due to start

 shooting in 2 weeks




      Shooting of the spanish production "Chronicle Beyond the Border"

      by André Cruz Shiraiwa is scheduled for the 10th of August in Kaunas. 



"Wolfs children" finished shooting in Lithuania


July the 26th was the last shooting day of the German production “Wolfs children”, shot entirely in Lithuania for which Lithuanian Film Studios provided full production services. The film tells a story of children being on the run after losing their parents and home because of war and banishment. 


"Generations" wrap shooting after 84 days


Lithuanian Film Studios in cooperation with Germany’s production    company teamWorx, the European leader in mini-series production, just finished shooting a 3 part TV mini-series „Generations“ (original title: "Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter").


Lithuanian Co-production Blood in the Snow Wraps Shoot

The Spanish-Lithuanian co-production Blood in the Snow (Sangre en la nieve) from director Gerardo Herrero will complete filming by 15 April 2011.
Blood in the Snow is adaptated from the 2006 bestselling novel "The Time of the Strange Emperors" by Spanish writer Ignacio del Valle.


warWar of the Dead


War of the Dead movie produced by Lietuvos Kinostudija movie studio directed by Marko Mäkilaakso.
Will be released in 2011 in genre(s) Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, .
A platoon of American and Finnish soldiers is driven deep into a Russian forest where its Captain discovers a terrifying secret.