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September 2017

UFA Fiction shoots "Kruso" on Lithuanian coast

Lithuanian Film Studios is currently participating in the production of a German TV movie "Kruso", prodused by one of Germany's leading film and television companies UFA Fiction. The film is based on Lutz Seiler's bestselling award winning novel of the same title and directed by Thomas Stuber.

Shooting started on September 4 in Klaipeda, Lithuania, situated on the coast. Major film locations are situated on the beautiful Curonian spit. Exterior locations feature isolated beaches, small port and other fascinating spots across the coast of Lithuania. 

More information about the production can be found on imdb and UFA Fiction website (in German)



August 2017

Norwegian production "Swamp" wraps shooting in Vilnius

On June 19, 2017, norwegian feature film with working title "Swamp" ("Sump"), produced by Hummelfilm and directed by Camilla Stroem Henriksen, started shooting in Vilnius. 24 of 29 planned shooting days were scheduled for Vilnius and the production wraped its shoot in Vilnius on July 19. The film tells a dramatic family story through the eyes of a 14 year old girl. 

January 2017

Bordertown picks up 3 Finnish Golden Venla TV awards

Finnish TV series Bordertown, that was shot in Finland and Lithuania, picks up 3 Finnish Golden Venla TV awards. TV series wins awards for best TV drama of the year, best actor for Ville Virtanen and best actress for Anu Sinisalo. 

When premiered in Finland, Bordertown had more than 1.3 million people watching. TV series has been sold so far to Germany, France, Belgium and USA. 


July 2016

Shooting of SAT.1 TV Event Jack the Ripper in Lithuania

PANTALEON Entertainment AG, a company that is one of the leading German companies in the production of feature films and innovative entertainment formats, has finished shooting SAT.1 TV Event Jack the Ripper in Vilnius on June 28.

Starring Sonja Gerhardt as Anna Kosminski, it will retell the gripping story of the unsolved mystery of the 130-year old serial killing spree in a contemporary fashion. The cast includes Vladimir Burlakov, Sabin Tambrea, Nicholas Farrel, Peter Gilbert Cotton and Falk Hentschel. The film is directed by Sebastian Niemann. 


October 2015

Bordertown TV-series shooting wrapped in Vilnius

Shooting of Finnish TV series Bordertown produced by Fisher King Production Oy has wrapped shooting in Vilnius in mid-October.

Premiere of the series is planned for autumn 2016.


September 2015

Bordertown TV-series shooting in progress

Bordertown is an original prime time Finnish TV series produced by Fisher King Production Oy. The film is set in a bordertown between Finland and Russia. This Scandinavian crime fiction combines family drama with police procedural in a uniquely exotic setting.

Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen is one of the most respected officers at the National Bureau of Investigation in Finland. When his wife barely survives brain cancer, Sorjonen decides to take his family to an idyllic small town near the border of Russia, to live a quiet peaceful life.

But how peaceful is life on the border between two worlds?


June 2015

If the sun explodes 

‘If the Sun Explodes’ is a film by director Hanna van Niekerk, winner of the Nederlands Filmfonds Wildcard award, shot in June in Lithuania by Amsterdam-based film production company Hazazah Pictures. 
‘If The Sun Explodes’ is a road movie about Yara (Wies Fest) and Philippe (Egbert-Jan Weeber), who are young and in love but also very different. Faced with challenges sparked by a crisis situation far from home, their relationship is put to the test.


March 2015

La Espera wraps shoot in Lithuania

Spanish production “La espera” directed by Daniela Fejerman starring Francesc Garrido and Nora Navas finished shooting in Lithuania in March 2015. The Film was produced by Spanish film production company Tornasol. 

Planned release date is November 15, 2015.

The film tells a story of a Spanish couple, that arrives to an Eastern European country looking for a child to adopt. The whole process is overwhelming and tests the couple’s relationship. What begins like a dream becomes a rather challenging task.



Tax incentive for audiovisual productions in Lithuania comes into force as per 1st January 2014

Lithuania introduces a tax rebate mechanism as per January 1st 2014 that aims to stimulate local film production activities.



"Wolfs children" worldwide premiere in Venice

Zum Goldenen Lamm production "Wolfs children" that was shot in Lithuania in summer 2012 was chosen to be premiered in Orizzonti section of the 70th Venice International Film Festival on the 29th of August.



Croniclesronicle Beyond the Border" due to start

 shooting in 2 weeks




      Shooting of the spanish production "Chronicle Beyond the Border"

      by André Cruz Shiraiwa is scheduled for the 10th of August in Kaunas. 




"Wolfs children" finished shooting in Lithuania


July the 26th was the last shooting day of the German production “Wolfs children”, shot entirely in Lithuania for which Lithuanian Film Studios provided full production services. The film tells a story of children being on the run after losing their parents and home because of war and banishment. 


"Generations" wrap shooting after 84 days


Lithuanian Film Studios in cooperation with Germany’s production    company teamWorx, the European leader in mini-series production, just finished shooting a 3 part TV mini-series „Generations“ (original title: "Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter").



Lithuanian Co-production Blood in the Snow Wraps Shoot

The Spanish-Lithuanian co-production Blood in the Snow (Sangre en la nieve) from director Gerardo Herrero will complete filming by 15 April 2011.
Blood in the Snow is adaptated from the 2006 bestselling novel "The Time of the Strange Emperors" by Spanish writer Ignacio del Valle.



warWar of the Dead


War of the Dead movie produced by Lietuvos Kinostudija movie studio directed by Marko Mäkilaakso.
Will be released in 2011 in genre(s) Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, .
A platoon of American and Finnish soldiers is driven deep into a Russian forest where its Captain discovers a terrifying secret.