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Old town




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Lakes & Rivers

Many unexploited and unique locations, you haven’t seen anywhere else:
• Beautiful, yet different and contrasting nature.
• 4 peculiar and distinctive seasons: sunny summer, golden leafed autumns, white snowy winters and green springs.
• More than 170 Old castles and palaces
• Exceptional seaside with dunes
• 2830 different lakes and 4418 rivers
• Never-ending forests
• 65 churches in Vilnius only (650 in total)
• Vilnius Old town, enlisted in UNESCO world heritage list.
• Urban elements: town squares, cobblestone streets and also modern buildings.
• Many well preserved houses or even villages of the soviet times.
• Relatively small distance between any locations.
We make location research for the best proposals, also location scouting, recce.
We also handle all the formalities related to location management and shooting permits.